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June 23rd, 2018,

Locals Only: Nudie Pools offers refreshing oasis in Zion

Video by Spencer Ricks.

Directions to Nudie Pools from Dixie State University: 

-Head north on I-15 toward Salt Lake City
-Take exit 16 for State Hwy 9 toward Hurricane/Zion National Park
-After passing through Hurricane, turn right at the Maverick onto UT-9 E
-Enter Zion National Park
-About three miles past the main south entrance of the park, pull over at the second switchback 
-Hop over the brick barrier and head down the short trail to the pools

Locals Only is a series for the Dixie Sun News highlighting unique places around DSU. Stay tuned for more.

Spencer Ricks - Spencer Ricks is the Editor-in-Chief of the Dixie Sun News, News Director on Radio Dixie 91.3, and adventurer on the weekends. He's interned at KSL.com, Seattle Met Magazine and Publicola News — covering everything from flash floods to local politics to Pokémon Go. Follow him on Twitter @SpencerRicks or on Facebook at facebook.com/spencerricksnews.