Student Body President Gregory J. Layton, a senior English major from Cottonwood Heights, presents tuition information at this year's Truth in Tuition meeting. Photo by Cody Smith

Tuition, fees will increase for 2015-16 academic year


The Student Fees Allocation Committee has proposed a 7.5 percent increase in student fees for the 2015-16 school year.

The proposed new fee increase was presented in a Truth in Tuition meeting Feb. 17 alongside an additional tuition increase of 3-5 percent. While the tuition hike is within the ...

Editor's Note: Newspaper encourages dialogue


I love to see people disagree. Disagreement starts a discussion, and that is the only way we begin to understand the perspectives of those around us. This is why I am thrilled to see the participation of students and staff on campus with the newspaper. 

I put many hours into ...

Subway's boom spurs discussion of new franchises


Boasting establishments like the Backyard Grill, Rebelano's and Wok... Your Way, the Red Rock Café is the lunch stop of many students at Dixie State University.

The Red Rock's newest addition is Subway, which as an outside franchise, is the first of its kind in the café. 

Student ...

Letter to the Editor: Some misunderstood the letter to the editor


There has been a major misunderstanding as to the point of my letter to the editor two weeks ago. It seems that some people have thought that I was saying the Black Student Union was demeaning DSU's image. I assure you this is not the case. I was referring ...

Letters to the Editor: Word choice impacts others' perceptions

In regards to the article "Vulgarity Hurts DSU's Image"I would like to highlight the overall negative connotations made throughout the paper.  As an academic who has researched the neural underpinnings of memory associations, I was deeply troubled by what I read.  

Our memory systems are constantly bombarded with ...

Letter to the Editor: Smoking shouldn't be discussed in school newspaper


I am writing this letter, because I mean, what’s with all the drug-themed articles in last week’s paper? I mean, there’s an article about vaping and an article about marijuana in the same opinion section. The very same section!  I almost feel like the Dixie Sun News ...

Dixie swings in winning streak

Autumn Woodfall, a junior Biology major from Kaysville, connects with the ball in the game against Montana State University on Thursday. Photo by Alex Cox

The Dixie State baseball and softball teams are both boasting impressive winning-streaks after a busy week. 


 After a very slow start to the 2015 season, the DSU baseball team finally found its stride with a win against No. 4 Colorado Mesa University this weekend. 

Head coach Chris Pfatenhauer said ...

Student senate funding more than ever

Graphic by J.C. Collier.

The Dixie State University student senate has been passing a record number of bills in the 2014-15 school year in an attempt to increase its influence on campus and reach out to more students.

The senate’s job is to help fund projects, equipment and activities for all of the ...

DSUSA connects with Japanese university

Graphic by JC Collier

Approximately 5,700 miles away is Nagoya, Japan, and our student government leaders will be traveling there in March. 

Dixie State University student leaders will be heading to Nagoya. The student leaders at Meijo University want to learn more about setting up a student government on their campus. They are ...

Spring enrollment increases; officials look forward to fall

Graphic by J.C. Collier.

Spring enrollment is up, but Dixie State University officials are on the edge of their seats for fall.

According to the “Spring 2015 Third Week Headcount Enrollment Report” from the Utah System of Higher Education, there is no consistent growth between institutions throughout the state, but total headcount at DSU ...

Girl Talk: Skating helps educate girls in Afghanistan

Girl students in Afghanistan. Skateistan is an organization that focuses on education through skateboarding, which is a unique opportunity for girls in Afghanistan.  MCT

On a worldwide basis, the power of learning and educating youth is a power indeed – the youth of today will be tomorrow’s rulers.

The importance of education is important everywhere, but in a country like Afghanistan, where females were allowed to go to school again within the last few ...

Women’s golf tees off for Spring

The Dixie State Women’s golf team finished the first day of the California Baptist University Women’s Invitational on Monday ending the day in second place with one more day of play to go. File photo.

The Dixie women’s golf team is making a striking start of 2015.

The women’s golf team has nine women on the team. It practices five days a week all over St. George and Washington. It is required to have at least 20 hours of practice as well as ...

Healthy Living Challenge: Challengers reflect on choices made throughout five weeks

Deciding to give up unhealthy habits, Dixie Sun staff members Haley Hazen and Spencer Ricks put the put the final nail in the coffin of their healthy student challenge. Photo by Preston Hunt

The healthy living challenge is done but my commitment to living healthy is far from over.

In the past five weeks, I torched my old habits and dedicated myself to eating right and exercising regularly. 

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, and even though I looked ...

Healthy Living Challenge: Healthy challengers literally burn bad habits

Healthy challengers literally burn bad habits. Photo by Preston Hunt

Saying no to the after-party and getting some sleep have had their perks over the past five weeks.

Reflecting on the healthy student challenge, making my health a priority did have drawbacks, but in the end, new habits have become valuable.  

It was difficult to do a complete overhaul in ...

Freshman class most depressed, study says

A lack of an immediate plan for academics can cause freshmen to become depressed when starting out in college. Photo by Preston Hunt.

The first-year college experience is supposed to be one of the best years of a person’s life, but freshmen across the country are saying that isn’t so.

The Higher Education Research Institution released a study titled “The American Freshman” that surveyed roughly 150,000 first-time, full-time students in ...

Dixie athletic programs add new recruits


Dixie State University added numerous recruits to its athletic programs in the recent weeks, highlighted by National Signing Day on Feb. 4. 

Signing day is mainly focused on football prospects from around the country, but student-athletes from other fall sports often sign their letter of intent on the day as ...

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